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There are a plethora of different email services that you can use today to reconcile with past relationships, co-workers, relatives or old classmates. Some do require you to pay while others are completely free. Each offers a little something different with the hope of enticing you to use their services. The Email Finder hopes that they have what it takes to reel you into their service.

The Email Finder claims to have the internet’s largest email search resource. Apparently, they use the same databases that are used by the government and law enforcement. As you can probably guess, this is an extremely broad database opening up the possibility for you to find information on just about anyone you can think of.

Instead of wasting days trying to find information on someone you hoped to track down, this service says they can help you find just about anyone’s email address in minutes. Think of what you can do with all of that extra time. You can wash the car, take the kids to the movies, or take your spouse out on a date. The point is you can save a great deal of time using this service.

One of the main problems people have with finding information themselves is limited access and awareness of various databases. The Email Finder has access to hundreds of important email search databases that can help track down the person or information you desire. Many of these databases are extremely difficult to find which is precisely why they can find what you are looking for so quickly.

It is an extremely simple process to get started. All you have to do is enter as much information as you know. It is vital you know at least the last name of the person you are searching for. In addition, you can also type in their address and state if you do know this information. And if you are looking to do a reverse search, you can enter the person’s email address and country to find their name, address and phone number.

In order to take advantage of the services The Email Finder offers, all you have to do is make a one time payment for $19.95. This will give you unlimited access to the entire network as well as opening the possibility of doing as many searches as you wish to. And with complete privacy, you will never have to worry about anyone knowing you were searching for them.


Let's have a look at The Email Finder. It's an info product from Phillip Mason that was released in February 2006. Email Finder Membership is the name of the product on sale, and it costs $19.95.

So, what does The Email Finder's website have to say about itself? Let's take a look. Taken from their website:

"The Ultimate Email Finder Search Service For Finding Email Addresses and Doing Reverse Email Searches."

So, does The Email Finder make good on its promises? Well, we have calculated that it has a refund rate of around of 0.47%* when purchased at the standard price of $19.95 which is shockingly low, and suggests the vast majority of customers were happy with their purchase...

Taking all this into account we have given The Email Finder an overall rating of 4.03/5 Rating
Our rating:
This is top 5% of all the products we list - definitely one to consider.


Running your own business takes a lot of time, dedication and effort, and smart business owners do not want to waste time or money on products that don’t work. Whether you need to perform background checks, research a company or prepare for an interview, improve your credit score, find grants to fund your business, or find tools to help you promote or support your business, you’ll want to do your homework on the many products that are available. The Email Finder is one of those business products that might just suit your needs.
For a one-time membership fee of $19.95, you are allowed unlimited access to run as many searches as are needed. If a search is not productive, you are encouraged to contact ‘The Email Finder’ and they will gladly help you.
“Searches are private, so no one will know you’re researching them.”
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Nowadays, just about everyone should be on the internet, especially with the popularity of social networking. It seems that with this growing popularity people are flocking to the internet to be a part of this craze. Well, believe it or not, this can help you if you are looking for that long lost high school friend, or that person who you went to basic training with and wished that you two had stayed in touch.

You see when you use The Email Finder, you are provided access to the company's database, which happens to be the same type of database that is used by federal agencies and law enforcement. This access provides you with two different options to look up a person's email address. The first way is by conducting what is known as a reverse lookup. In a reverse lookup, you have an email address and you want to know who it belongs to. The second way is by conducting a basic search. In a basic search you will have the person's name to start the search with.

While there are many different providers that may offer the same type of service, how many do you know provide access to the same type of databases as that used by the Government? Not many that I can think of.

In doing The Email Finder review, the company claims that if you are unable to find what you are looking for, they will assist you in your search. They want you to be a satisfied customer!

The service that this company is providing is convenience. This convenience is attributed to saving time. Think about how much time you would be spending if you were to begin searching for your friend, using just a basic Internet search. With this company, you are taking your search up a notch. You are getting the same information that is compiled from several different databases all at once. Thus, saving you time in the long run. Time that you could be using to do something else, such as reconnecting with that long lost person that you have been looking for many years. And now you are able to find them, because you are using a simple email address service to look them up.

In addition to convenience, you are also provided with the service of access. When I say access, I am speaking of access to databases that you probably have no knowledge about and wish that you could find to make your search a little easier.

Now this is the part that everyone is waiting for and yes there is a fee to use the service. However that fee is quite affordable compared to what the other service providers that are out there charge. For a one time fee of $19.95 you get unlimited access to perform searches and these searches are private.

I hope this review of The Email Finder is helpful to you, so now you are armed with information that will assist you on your journey to locate that long lost friend, family, or love from many years ago.


The first way to use The Email Finder is to do a reverse search. This is when you have an email address, but you don’t know who it belongs to. The Email Finder will use the email address combined with various search methods and databases in an attempt to find the name of the owner. Since there is no central database for names and email addresses, this search cannot always be successful. However, you would be surprised at how often it is able to come up with the name of the person.

The second function of The Email Finder is to find the email address of a person. Almost everyone has an email address these days, so if you are trying to track someone down then you should give them a search on The Email Finder. Again it can’t be expected to work 100% of the time, but more often than not you will end up with a working and current email address. The databases cover email addresses for people across the globe.

While this is a sketchy area, The Email Finder certainly comes out ahead of any services that claim to do similar feats. So if you have been looking for an email lookup service, look no further.

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