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Finding International Email Addresses

Searching for a persons email address on an international basis can pose problems because there is no international email directory that covers worldwide searches. However, there are many things you can try online to possibly find an international email address you may be searching for.

If you have been trying to find an international email address directory online, you know how elusive these email addresses can be. Although there are international directories online they are usually incomplete, and often full of outdated information. There are, however, several search techniques you can employ that might uncover the address you are searching for. We'll explore some of these below.

Your first approach should be to do an internet search engine lookup for the person or organization which you are looking for an email address for. Although they can be helpful, don't just use USA search engines. Seek out a search engine that is specific to the country your subject is living in. These will have information that you may not find in a USA search database.

The same thing holds true if you are trying to find out who owns an email address (a reverse search). Enter the email address in the search engine search box and you may well find a website, or other information about the address. You may be surprised how well this works in tracking international email address owners.

If you know of a college, school, or business organization that your search subject might be associated with, do a search engine lookup to see if that school or company has an online email directory. Schools and universities especially often have databases of teachers, students, alumni, etc.

If you have an email address and are wondering what country it originated from, you can refer to the Email Country Codes List (CLICK HERE) to determine what country the email address server is registered under. For example, a .ca domain would be from Canada.

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