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A large misconception about email addresses centers around their upper and/or lower case configuration. The fact is that almost all email addresses default on email servers to lower case letters. You can try this by sending yourself a few test emails to prove they will all be delivered, no matter what case you use for letters. will be delivered just the same as Even JDOE@DOE.COM will be delivered. The computers involved will automatically configure it to

In reality, the standards state that the domain part of an email address is case insensitive, while the user part before the @ symbol (known as the "local mailbox" part) is case sensitive . However, since this can cause a huge amount of confusion ISP's and email services hardly ever enforces case sensitivity. If they did the amount of bouncing emails would just explode.

RFC 2821, the standard that defines how email transport works, lays down the email address case sensitivity issue thus:

The local-part of a mailbox MUST BE treated as case sensitive. Therefore, SMTP implementations MUST take care to preserve the case of mailbox local-parts. Mailbox domains are not case sensitive. In particular, for some hosts the user "smith" is different from the user "Smith". However, exploiting the case sensitivity of mailbox local-parts impedes interoperability and is discouraged.

Ever wonder about the @ symbol in email addresses? It is pronounced "at". The short story is that the @ symbol was added to typerwriter keyboards because it was originally a symbol used by bookkeepers. Computer keyboards just copied what was already on typewriters, and the folks who developed the email program picked right up on it as a way to seperate the email user name from the domain name.

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