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WARNING: The information in this guide must not be used for spamming purposes, or for sending unsolicited emails. Please make yourself aware of any laws in your country, or juristiction, pertaining to spam email issues.

Please be aware that not all email addresses can be found in databases, even ones know to be valid. Our goal in this guide is to present the resources that are out there, so that if an address can be found you'll have the best chance of locating it. Privacy issues, IPS regulations, and other factors, may keep an email address hidden from public view. There is no such thing as a national, or international, database of all email addresses in the world. For the best success possible, please do your research, exhaust all possibilities and read our investigation tips presented below.

IF YOU GET STUCK AND JUST CANNOT FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR please don't get mad or frustrated. Just email us and we'll see if we can help you find it. Do your research and please exhaust all possible resources you can before asking us for help. Your satisfaction is important to us. Thanks! Email Us (CLICK HERE) and we will respond if we can find what you are looking for.


These databases are very useful for uncovering someone's email address anywhere in the world. They do not contain every email address in the world but do cover millions of them. As mentioned, there is no database of every single email address in the world, however you do have a good chance of finding what you need using our links, as well as the other email research tools and databases we present below.

Access to some email databases is via third parties which may, or may not, charge a fee for accessing their private databases. When possible, we link you directly to their search interfaces.

The following are private email databases we have received special permission to use in this guide. You'll find email addresses here not available elsewhere.

USA Email Address Finder Search Form


Worldwide & UK Email Address Finder Search Form


Remember, not all email addresses in the world are available on databases, even ones you know are valid. Our mission is to provide all possible resources on the internet for finding email addresses, both free and fee-based.

EMAIL SEARCH TIPS: Using our forms below you can search several ways. To find a name that is associated with an email address, enter the email address in the form to do a reverse search. To find an email by a persons name you can enter either a first name, a last name, a nickname or a user name, if known. If, for example, you are searching for a Robert, try Bob as well. Try searching email addresses by name, or partial name. People often include their name in full or in part in their email address. SEARCH TIPS: Using our form below you can search many different ways. Also, if you know that "bob", for example has a Yahoo email address you can enter "bob yahoo" in the search form. This will return all "bob's" with yahoo addresses.

SEARCH RESULTS for most USA searches return name, address, city, state, zip code, phone and email address. Other countries are more limited.


Search for someone by entering their email address. With these reverse email address searches you can find out who keeps sending you spam or other unwanted emails. These resources have worldwide coverage. Besides associating a name with an email address, these reverse searches may include an address, phone number, IP address and other information.

Worldwide Reverse Email Search Form


Freeality offers a reverse email lookup on their page. Also other reverse lookups. has a reverse emai finder search on their site. They also have some other interesting email tools worth pursuing.

Professional Reverse Email Lookup By Best Peple Search
Use a Reverse email lookup search to trace an email address or search for a person through email address. You can use a reverse email search to reverse AOL email address search. This is an in-depth professionally conducted service performed by an industry professional that specializes in cyber forensics. If you really need accurate information from an email address this is the search you want. A free email address search or any free reverse lookup email address search is not going to provide the details you get with this report.
This professional reverse email lookup search can be used to stop harassing emails, stop cyber stalking, locate runaway teens, find bail jumpers or locate debtors who only communicate with you via email. This is the perfect cyber search (this is not software that you purchase to run on your own system). You are hiring a private investigator to conduct a one time in-depth search. This site that offers regular email and reverse email serches at a very reasonable price. Nice resource and quick searches. VERY ACCURATE AND FAST! is another professional email address investigation site. If they find no information for you there is no charge. They do nice work here and are very prompt.

Find Out The Truth offers a very inexpensive reverse email search. This is a good one and they claim a 90% success rate. can help you find the owner of email addresses. Some of the searches they do are:
Reverse email Address Lookup
Reverse Instant Messenger Name Lookup
Instant Messenger Lookup
Lookup Email header, Find Source of Email
Lookup New email address or IM name from old email
Lookup address for email, IP or IM Name
Lookup forwarding email address
Lookup email or IM through Name or Address
Lookup IP Address through email or Instant Messenger Name


Email Investigation for Infidelity (Dating web site research) The trace an email address service is typically used for infidelity or to catch cheaters online. You are hiring an investigator to research the email address you provide in order to locate any dating web sites where your subject used that email address to register an account. Verifies an Email Address Search. This tool will check if a particular Email Address is valid or not by communicating with the Mail Server in a real time.

Is an email address valid? (CLICKHERE). Use this service to check and see if an email address is really a valid one, or perhaps a fake that someone is using to spam, scam or harass you with. This search form does not send an email, it just anonymously asks the mail server you are querying if the address is valid. To be doubly sure the service's catch-all function is working, also try a nonsense email for the same domain, like

Is an email address from a free service?

CLICK HERE for a great tool intended to check if an email address is from a free email address provider. This can help to reduce the risk of charge backs and fraud when you are selling something online. It will check the email address against our list of 13951 domains that are known to provide free email adresses. If the address is not on our list you can follow up with checking the MX and A DNS records for the domain. Some people use this type of email address to spam or send emails that they hope cannot be traced back to them.


What we claim on this website is that you can find "almost anyone's" email address. You need to know right up front that everyone's email address in the whole world is just not available, and, as stated in the terms of service you agreed to before ordering, we make no guarantee that you can find a particular persons email address, no matter what you do. Some people are so protective of their privacy that there is no way to find their information.

Some of the resources we present here do require a fee for search results, but there are a huge number that do not. We have tried to present as comprehensive a resource as possible so we include every resource we think is potentially valuable, wether or not it is a fee-based service.

The biggest problem with locating an email address is that there is no one centralized database that has everyones email address in it. To find email address, if they are not in the big databases list below, may require a little persistence and "detective" work. The following are some tips that should help you be successful.

Finding Email Addresses

If you have been trying to find someone's email address online, you know how elusive email addresses can be. A typical senario is that you may have once had a friends email address, but may not be able to locate it now that it is needed, or maybe the address has changed and you have no idea how to find the new address. No matter whose email address you are looking there are some strategies you can employ right now to try and locate it.

There are many often overlooked places on the internet to do a search for an email address, and in this article we'll discuss a few of them.

A simple method for finding email addresses, that will turn up results suprisingly often, is to do a simple search on Google or Yahoo. Use the persons name you are searching for, or use an email address to see if you can match it with a name. Lots of people have personal web pages that will include their email addresses on them.

Another technique is to see if you can make the person you are looking for find you, instead of the other way around. This email finding technique is called the "vanity" method and works pretty well for trying to find a person you have lost contact with.

The "vanity" method is based on the fact that people like to search the internet for their own name. To take advantage of this, you can publish a simple webpage that says "looking For John Doe", and explain who you are and why you are looking for them. When crafting the webpage, use their name (or nickname) in the page title and description. Also, make sure it appears several times in the body of the webpage. On the page give them information on how you can be contacted. You may be surprised at the results. Be sure to submit the webpage to Google, Yahoo and MSN (Bing) so it will be indexed quickly.

If you know of a school, university or organization that your lost friend might be associated with, do a search engine lookup to see if that organization has an online email directory. Schools and universities often have databases of teachers, students, alumni, etc.

TIP 1: Do an Internet search for the persons name you are looking for. This could turn up a web page of theirs, or a website that references them in some way. If a page references them you could write a nice, polite email to the site owner telling them you are trying to contact the person. Google, Yahoo! and other large search engines should be used for this.
Another search tip, relating to a reverse email search, is to enter the email address of the person you are looking for in a search. It will return any web pages with that address in them, which in turn may well provide an email address also.
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THIS TIP: Please use this tip whenever you can. We get hundreds of requests for help when all a member needs to do is use this tip. Just the other day a member emailed us asking for 3 email addresses of well known companies. All they needed to do was a quick Google search on the company name to find them. USE THIS TIP!!

TIP 2: The person you are trying to locate may be associated with a college, school, university, business, professional association or the like. If so, you may find them on one of the specialty databases associated with one of the schools, businesses or associations they are connected with. If you don't see a likely database listed here, again try an internet search. For example, if you know a person is associated with The Tweedles Company, search for Tweedle Company or Tweedle Company email directory, etc. Same with a school - search for the school name and see if they have an email database associated with them.

TIP 3: Use phone searches. Often you can find a persons phone number when you cannot find their email address. Call them and ask for it. There are also phone search databases that cover email addresses as well.

TIP 5: Use Previous Messages. If you have an email from a person, finding his or her address should be elementary. There should be a line somewhere that starts with From: and has an email address after it. If there is not an email address in the From line, do a properties search on the email message and you should be able to see the senders address in the details given there.

TIP 6: If your subject owns a website you can do a whois search and get their email address from the domain records. To do a whois search CLICK HERE
You can also use the Yahoo Search Aids page CLICK HERE

TIP 7: International email searches will usually (but not always) need to be confined to country specific email databases. There are many of these around the world and we list every one we could find below.

TIP 8: Schools and Businesses often (but not always) use the LDAP service to host their databases. CLICK HERE to go to the main LDAP search site. Where it says "LAPD Server" try entering any school or business name to see if they have an associated database there.

TIP 9: Many sites around the network are running the VM/CMS LISTSERV package for managing mailing lists. If you have some reason to believe that a particular user may be a member of a mailing list on a LISTSERV site, you can ask that LISTSERV to send you a membership list and search it for your subject. A great way to find someone who has signed up for a list they might have an interest in.

TIP 10: If all the methods above have failed, you can consider posting a message to newsgroup asking for help locating your subject. Before doing so, however, you should read the "Tips on using" posting in that newsgroup.

TIP 11. It may be that you cannot find a persons email address, even your own. Some people protect their privacy to such an extent that their email address does not get listed on databases. If you cannot even find your own email address that may well be because you don't have it listed on a website, search engine or other areas that databases usually harvest their information from. For most folks, this is a blessing in this world of email spam. If you do want to be found, I'd suggest adding your name to some of the email search site that are especially for this purpose. TIP 12. TRY GUESSING AN EMAIL ADDRESS. Once you know how e-mail addresses are often formatted, you may be able to figure out someone's address. Believe-it-or-not, guessing frequently works. If you know where a person works you can usually figure out the domain name, for instance, But what about the recipient's mailbox?

Suppose you want to contact John Jones. His address may take one of these forms:

His first name (
His last name (
His initials (
His first initial and last name (
His first and last name separated by a dot (
His first and last name separated by an underscore (
Try one of these. The worst that can happen is that the message comes back to you. Send it again using an alternate form. With any luck, it will arrive in his Inbox.


These are the largest email databases in the world but they do not have everyones email address by a long shot. If you do not get results from one of these databases, read our email searching tips above and keep looking. Remember, not all email addresses are available in databases - even ones you know are valid and in current use.

FIND EMAILS FOR USENET USERS Has an email search by name. A top people finder service.

Find America Online User Email Addresses

Bigfoot Email Address Search. Has well over 20 million email addresses.

IFA.NET Email Search and Reverse Email Search

InfoSpace Email Search offers an email search by name. Only a last name is required. Searches 5 popular email address databases at once. Yahoo!, Switchboard, W.E.D., InfoSpace and Look4U.

Switchboard. Use the Find a Person feature. Very large database.

Search the Usenet Addresses Database. Find anyones email who has posted to a newsgroup.

Contact Any Celebrity. Database of 54,000+ Celebrity addresses and email addresses., the Free Change of Email Address Directory. "The Internet's largest directory of old and current email addresses, which provides the missing link between the two. Free searches by name or even by OLD email address. If the email address you're searching for isn't registered, the site will keep searching and inform you when it is.

Search for email addresses on Yahoo! Big!

If the person you are searching for is in the USA, might be a good bet for you. They have about 35 million profiles online and it free to register and use.

Lycos Search. Find email addresses and contact information.

Facebook. Find email addresses on Facebook. Search for emails of people on MySpace. Once you find the person you can send them a message. You can lookup people profiles on PeekYou and contact them. A people finder service with deep web searches. May turn up an email address you seek. Wink searches many social site profiles and provides a way to contact people found by email. Another great multiple social sites people search company. Provides contact info. A superb internet-wide people finder. Provides contact infor and in-depth profiles. Another great multiple resources people search. Searches a ton of social networking and other sites for people profiles and contacts. Huge!


National Institute of Health. International Directory of Email Addresses of Publishers, Vendors and Related Professional Associations, Organizations and Services.

The BradyNet Email Rolodex.

Special Interest Groups Email Directories List.

The complete list of email addresses for Congress, Senate and State Governors. Also Senate and House Committee Email addresses.

Huge listing of Media Email Addresses. Covers newspapers, radio, etc. for many countries.

International Directory of Email Addresses of Publishers, Vendors and Related Professional Associations, Organizations and Services. This is a huge email database.

NEW ZEALAND ARCHAEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION. Contact Address List of New Zealand Archaeologists and Related Experts.

CHESS IRELAND. Email Directory.

The Fannish E-Mail Directory. What is the Fannish E-Mail Directory? It's a directory of more than 3,000 electronic addresses and web sites of fans, professionals and groups located throughout the world. Like the telephone White Pages, this directory is aimed at helping you find addresses for specific individuals and groups.

Early Childhood Special Research Interest Group. Email Directory.

The BradyNet Email Directory. What is BradyNet Email Directory? We are pleased to introduce a very exciting new feature at BradyNet. It is a directory of email addresses of Emerging Market participants with an embedded communication system. It is called the BradyNet Email Directory. With this system you are able to search for people, banks and other organizations by their name. Once you have found the person(s) that you are looking for, you will be able to send them an email by just clicking on their email address and writing your message.

University of Kansas Medical Center Directory. Email and phone directory.

Congressional Email Directory. All Americans should be in contact with their elected officials. This directory makes it easy. Most Congressfolks now use web forms as their primary contact method. They often will only be responsive if you demonstrate that you are one of their constituents. So be sure to include your snail mail address in your correspondence.

USS Intrepid Association Former Crewmembers' Web site. Home of The USS Intrepid Crewmembers E-mail Directory.

Find mE-Email. A place to post your new email address for your friends to find. Click here for the form to enter an old email address in and see if it has been updated.

E-mail addresses of professional archæologists, postgraduate students and companies working in, or doing research into, Irish archæology.

Hoboes has a really cool search form that allows you to look up elected official's email address all across the USA. Nice!

The Hotmail database. If you are a Hotmail member you can search their large database of email addresses. Signup is free.

United States Government Telephone and E-Mail Directories List.

Worldwide Email Directory of Anthropoligists.

The Congressional Email Directory.

Interesting aside information from the FTC on how you can stop spammers and slow down the spam in your Inbox. is really a nationwide phone book but when you find a person there is a link to get their email address as well (if available at the source they use).

Another phone book with email links. Or, another feature they have is to let you can send the person an email but they will not give out the address they are sending it to.

Jewish Email Directory.

Infobel. Large worldwide people finder resource.

Email addresses of the politicians of the world. BIG!

International Heads of State email addresses.

The Ultimates has a list of email searches all on one page.

We currently have a database of 6331 UNIQUE military Units in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada - and it's growing all the time! All you need to do to use the service is find a unit that you are interested in and register your details. You will then be able to browse through the lists of regiments, ships, squadrons etc to find old comrades and colleagues, friends and family.

Who's Who Online Information and email database site.

Email Lookup. Seems to have a big database and you can do refined searches.

The Geek Email database. Yup, geeks.

Pi Kappa Alpha Email Directory

A list of known websites for foreign embassies in the U.S.

Kaitlin Duck Sherwood's website on understanding and finding email addresses


Begin your search by using the alphabetically listed links below. Each link will take you to a page at that specific institution where you can search their email database.

Auburn University
Baylor University
Baylor University Faculty & Staff
Baylor University Students
Bethel University
Boise State University
Boston University
Bournemouth University (UK)
Bowdoin College
Brown University - Micromechanics Lab.
California State at Hayward
California State at Los Angeles
Carnegie Mellon University
Chapman University
City University London (UK)
Colby College.
Colgate University
Colorado State University
Columbia Law School
Columbia University
Columbia University - Teachers College
Columbia University - Students
Delaware Tech Community College
Delaware Tech CC Students
Drexel University
Duke University
East Carolina University
East Carolina University (alt)
Eastern Washington University
Elizabeth City State University
Emory University
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Florida State University
Gallaudet University
George Mason University
Georgetown University
Georgetown University (alt)
Harvard University
Howard University
Humboldt State University
Idaho State University
Illinois State University
Indiana University
Iowa State University
James Madison University
King's College London Staff - University of London
Lehigh University
Leicester University (UK)
Lynchburg College
Medical University of South Carolina
Metropolitan State College of Denver
Middle Tennessee State University
Monash University,
Montclair State University
New York University
North Carolina State University
Northwestern University
Oregon State University
Penn State University
Pennsylvania State University (LDAP)
Pepperdine University
Plattsburgh State University
Purdue University
Rochedale State School (Australia)
Rochester Institute of Technology
St. Francis Xavier University
Simon Fraser University
Sonoma State University
Southern Illinois University
Southern Illinois Univ. School of Medicine
Southwestern University
Stanford UniversityBR> SUNY - Brockport
Trent University
Tulane University
University of Aberdeen Staff Directory (UK)
University of Akron
University of Alabama
University of Alabama at Birmingham
University of Alaska SE Campus
University of Arizona
University of Arkansas
University of Bath
University of Birmingham (UK)
University of Bradford (UK)
University of Buffalo
Universith of Calgary (Canada)
University of California Davis
University of California at Los Angeles
University of Cambridge (UK)
University of Cambridge (UK - Global)
University College London (UK)
University of Connecticut
University of Delaware
University of Durham (UK)
University of Edinburgh (UK)
University of Florida
University of Florida (alt)
University of Georgia
University of Georgia (alt)
University of Guelph
University of Hawaii (Complete System)
University of Iowa
University of Lethbridge (Canada)
University of Melbourne (Australia)
University of Michigan
University of Missouri
University of Montana
University of New Mexico
University of Oxford (UK)
University of South Florida
University of Tasmania (Australia)
University of Technology Sydney (Australia)
University of Virginia
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.
University of Wisconsin - Stout
Valdosta State University
Vanderbilt University
Washington University in St. Louis
Westchester University of PA
Xavier University
Yeshiva University


William Floyd High School (New York).

MISCELLANEOUS RESOURCES Bringing School Firends Together. Find school friends here.
Curious Cat Alumni Connections. Helps you reconnect with friends, your school's web site and reunion information. You can enter your profile so others can reach you and contact your former classmates - all for free. Connections for schools all across the USA.

The following items are collections of links to university home pages.

Worldwide College Email Addresses. If a college has an email database you'll find a link to it in these extensive listings

Directory of College LDPA Servers. Email databases for various colleges that use the LDAP server system. The Ph system allows you to look up directory information, usually including e-mail addresses at universities, research institutions, and some governmental agencies throughout the world.


Hoboes has a really cool search form that allows you to look up elected official's email address all across the USA. Nice!

Pennsylvania State Senate Email Addresses

Virginia Senate Email Addresses

Wyoming Legislators email address list.

Minnesota House of Representatives email addresses

Oregon State Senators email addresses.

Rhode Island House of Representatives and Senate email addresses.

State of Maine House Members email addresses.

Email addresses for Wisconsin State Senators and Staff. Also Assembly (State Representatives) email addresses.

Employees of the State of Wisconsin email database.

South Carolina Legislature Email Database.

Washington State Legislature email database.

California State Senate email database.

New York State Assembly email database.

New York State Senate email database.

State Governors email database.

State of Vermont email directory.

Missouri State Email Directory.

North Dakota State Government Email Database.

Kentucky Legislators email database.

Louisiana State Senators email database.

Oklahoma House of Representatives email database. North Carolina State Government email addresses.

Iowa State Legislators email addresses.

Maryland State Senate email addresses.

South Carolina Elected State Officials email addresses.

South Carolina Government Departments email addresses.

Louisana State Senate email addresses.

Texas Senators email.

State of Idaho Employee email and phone search.


Using Social Networking Sites For International Email Searches:
You can use social networking sites to perform an international email search. By searching a person's name on a site like Myspace or Facebook, you can easily discover the email address of any member. These sites are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, which makes finding an international email address easier than ever. However, it is important to remember that some foreign countries utilize social networking sites that are not commonly used in the United States. For example, Brazil and much of South America relies on the network Orkut rather than Myspace or Facebook. This Google-owned social networking website simply never became popular in the US or UK.

Facebook. Find email addresses on Facebook. Search for emails of people on MySpace. Once you find the person you can send them a message. You can lookup people profiles on PeekYou and contact them. A people finder service with deep web searches. May turn up an email address you seek. Wink searches many social site profiles and provides a way to contact people found by email. Another great multiple social sites people search company. Provides contact info. A superb internet-wide people finder. Provides contact info and in-depth profiles. Another great multiple resources people search. Searches a ton of social networking and other sites for people profiles and contacts. Huge!

NOTE: Some of the below may no longer be available. International email databases are folding up shop in droves. List of International Email directories and domain registries. Another list of International email databases.

Faroe Islands
French Email Database
German Telecom
Hong Kong
Switzerland - Click on Email-Suche
LOOK4U is the largest Chinese people finder in the world! Search over 3 million Chinese names and e-mail addresses worldwide! Not limited to just China!

Miscellaneous Email Search Related Resources & Tools Enterprise Email Search. Finally, a unified view of email across desktop PST files, live servers and email archives. The Coveo Enterprise Email Search application introduces a new paradigm in enterprise search—unified and cross-enterprise search of emails and attachments regardless of where they are stored, offline, online, even in cloud-based, hosted email platforms. Combine Enterprise Email Search with other Coveo applications and connectors for a completely unified view of all enterprise knowledge and information.

 eMailTrackerPro - $29.95 

This software is great for finding out about who sent an email to you. eMailTrackerPro features:

  • Determines the IP address of the system an email originated from
  • Determines the country/region of the email source, showing the location on a World map
  • Plug-in integration with MS Outlook (full version) provides one-click email tracking
  • Identifies use of the common 'misdirection' tactic to disguise the sender

eMailTrackerPro analyzes the header of an email you have received, providing the IP address of the machine that sent you the message, which can then be used to track down the sender. The built-in location database tracks emails to a country or region of the World, showing the information on a global map. Optional integration with VisualRoute, Visualware's popular Internet tracing tool, provides additional tracking detail including the city/country location, the network provider being used and network contact information.

Buy eMailTrackerPro now
... or download a demo version
One site's short guide to finding email addresses How to guess someobody's email address. It is easier than you might think - read this. Topic about how to find people and their email addresses.

Email Change of Address Services

If you got a new email address service recently, or have tried contacting somebody who obviously changed theirs, email change of address services can be a big help. They make the connection between the old email address and the new email address. These are good resource tools to try and run down an address that no longer seems to work.

CHANGE OF EMAIL ADDRESS DIRECTORIES & SERVICES, the Free Change of Email Address Directory. "The Internet's largest directory of old and current email addresses, which provides the missing link between the two. Free searches by name or even OLD email address. If the email address you're searching for isn't registered, the site will keep searching and inform you when it is.

Re-Route. E-mail messages sent to your old AOL or ISP address are retrieved by the Re-route server, re-addressed and sent on to your new e-mail address. "Change of address" notices are automatically delivered to the original senders informing them whenever their messages have been "re-routed." stop source to find people. Great source for people search or person search. Find the latest email address by OLD email address or name. Links to other databases if not on our database.


POBOX.COM. An email forwarding service. The Internet's FREE Change of E-mail Address

EmailChange.comThis site links old and new email addresses. Requests are automatically fulfilled. Register your old and new address with Find mE-Mail, or find an updated email address by searching for the old., you can search not only by old email address but also by name. An Email Change of Address Directory
Registers old and new addresses. If an old address is still functional, Return Path will even forward incoming mail automatically.

Here's some information about email address configurations for various companies. This information is very helpful in getting an email delivered to someone you know who might work for one of these companies. For example, you can see from the information below that the Boeing Corporation configures their emails in the standard form of firstname.middleinitial.lastname. So, if you know someone who works there named John F. Doe, their email address would be This informative table makes guessing an email address for many companies, having one standard format for all email addresses, a simple matter.

Aerospace & Defense Companies

Boeing Corporation Chicago IL First.Middleinitial.Last  312-544-2000 
CACI, Inc. Washington DC FirstinitalLastName  703-841-7800 
Computer Sciences Corporation (sub of Convansys) Falls Church VA FirstinitalLastName  703.876.1000 
Goodrich Corporation Charlotte NC Firstname.Lastname  704.423.7000 
Honeywell International Inc. Morristown NJ Firstname.Lastname  973.455.2000 
ITT Industries, Inc. White Plains NY Firstname.Lastname  914.641.2000 
L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc. New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212.697.1111 
Lockheed Martin Washington DC Firstname.Lastname  301-897-6000 
Northrop Grumman Los Angeles CA Firstname.Lastname sometimes 310-553-6262 
Raytheon, Inc. Waltham MA First_Middleinitial_Last  781-522-3000 

Service Businesses

Dun and Bradstreet New York NY LastnameFirstinitial if common name, add number at end 973.921.5500 
Gannett Co., Inc. (USA Today) Washington DC FirstinitalLastName  703.854.6000 
Intuit San Jose CA Firstname_Lastname  650.944.6000 
Kelly Services, Inc. Detroit MI LastnameFirstname(first2lettersonly) Only first 5 letters of last name are used 248.362.4444 
Liberty Media Holding Corporation Denver CO FirstinitalLastName Sometimes 720.875.5400 
Manpower Inc. Milwaukee WI Firstname.Lastname Sometimes 414.961.1000 
NBC Universal (sub of GE) New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212-664-4444 
News Corporation New York NY FirstinitalLastName sometimes or 212.852.7000 
Omnicom Group Inc. New York NY Firstname.Lastname Also or 212.415.3600 
Robert Half International, Inc. Menlo Park CA Firstname.Lastname  650.234.6000 
The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. New York NY Firstname_Lastname  212.512.2000 

Chemical Companies

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Allentown PA LastnameFirstinitialMiddleinitial  610-481-4911 
Archer Daniel Midland (ADM) Company Decatur IL Firstname_Lastname  217-424-5200 
Ashland, Inc. Cincinnati OH FirstInitialMiddleinitialLastname  859-815-3333 
Celanese Corporation Dallas TX Firstname.Lastname  972-443-4000 
DuPont Wilmington DE Firstname.Lastname  302-774-1000 
Eastman Chemical Inc. Kingsport TN FirstinitalLastName sometimes firstinitialMiddleinitialLastname 423.229.2000 
Ecolab Inc. St. Paul MN Firstname.Lastname  651.293.2233 
Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc. Columbus OH Firstname.Lastname  614.225.4000 
Huntsman Corporation Salt Lake City UT Firstname_Lastname  801.584.5700 
LyondellBasell Houston TX Firstname.Lastname  713.652.7200 
Monsanto Company St. Louis MO Firstname.Lastname sometimes first.MI.last 314.694.1000 
Praxair Inc Danbury CT Firstname_Lastname  203-837-2000 
The Lubrizol Corporation Youngstown OH Firstname.Lastname Sometimes 440.943.4200 

Computer Service Companies

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. San Jose CA Firstname.Lastname  408-749-4000 
Affiliated Computer Services, Inc Dallas TX Firstname.Lastname  (214) 841-6111 
Alcatel-Lucent USA Dallas TX Firstname.Lastname  972.519.3000 
AOL (America Online) Dulles VA Firstname.Lastname  703.265.1000 
Apple Inc. San Jose CA Employees create their own  There is no pattern 408.996.1010 
Automatic Data Processing (ADP) New York NY Firstname_Lastname  973-974-5000 
CDW Corporation Chicago IL FirstinitalLastName  847-465-6000 
Cisco Systems, Inc. San Jose CA firstTwolettersofFirstnameLastname Can also be firstInitialLastname (only 7 letters of Last are used) 408-526-4000 
eBay, Inc. San Jose CA FirstinitalLastName or Sometimes 408.376.7400 
EMC Corporation Boston MA Lastname_Firstname  508.435.1000 
Fiserv Inc. Milwaukee WI Firstname.Lastname sometimes 262.879.5000 
Hewlett-Packard Company, Inc. (HP) Palo Alto CA Firstname.Lastname  650.857.1501 
IAC/InterActiveCorp New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212.314.7300 
Ingram Micro Inc. Los Angeles CA Firstname.Lastname  714.566.1000 
Intel Corporation San Francisco CA Firstname.Middleinitial.Lastname Sometimes email might be 408.765.8080 
Intuit Corporation San Francisco CA Firstname_Lastname  650-944-6000 
Lexmark International Lexington KY FirstinitalLastName Only First 7 letters of last name are used 859.232.2000 
Microsoft Corporation Seattle WA Firstname.Lastname sometimes 425.882.8080 
NCR Corporation Duluth GA Firstname.Lastname sometimes firstinitialLastinitialFollowedby6numbers 937-445-5000 
Oracle San Francisco CA Firstname.Lastname  650.506.7000 
Pitney Bowes Inc. Stamford CT Firstname.Lastname  203.356.5000 
Rackspace Hosting San Antonio TX Firstname.Lastname  210.447.4000 San Francisco CA FirstinitalLastName  415-901-7000 
Spansion, Inc. Sunnyvale CA Firstname.Lastname  866-SPANSION 
Sun Microsystems Santa Clara CA Firstname.Lastname  650.960.1300 
Yahoo! Inc. Sunnyvale CA FirstinitalLastName sometimes firstnameLastinitial@ 408.349.3300 

Construction and Real Estate Companies

Beazer Homes USA, Inc. Atlanta GA FirstinitalLastName  770-829-3700 
BlueLinx Corporation Atlanta GA Firstname.Lastname  770-953-7000 
Centex Corporation Dallas TX FirstinitalLastName also could be 214.981.5000 
Clark Construction Company Washington DC Firstname.Lastname  (301) 272-8100 
D.R. Horton Ft. Worth TX FirstinitalLastName  817.390.8200 
EMCOR Group, Inc. Norwalk CT FirstinitalLastName  203.849.7800 
Fluor Corporation Dallas TX Firstname.Lastname  (469) 398-7000 
Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. Red Bank NJ FirstinitalLastName  732.747.7800 
Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. Los Angeles CA Firstname.Lastname  626.578.3500 
KB Home Los Angeles CA FirstinitalLastName  310.231.4000 
Lennar Corporation Miami FL Firstname.Lastname  305.559.4000 
Masco Corporation Taylor MI Firstname_Lastname  313.274.7400 
NVR Inc. (Ryan Homes) Washington DC FirstinitalLastName  (703) 956-4000 
Owens Corning Toledo OH Firstname.Lastname  419.248.8000 
Pulte Homes, Inc. Bloomfield Hills MI Firstname.Lastname  248.644.7300 

Consulting Firms

Booz Allen Hamilton Washington DC Lastname_Firstname  (703) 902-5000 
Advisory Board Company Washington DC FirstinitalLastName Only first 7 letters of last name are used 202-266-5600 
Corporate Executive Board Washington DC FirstinitalLastName  571-303-3000 
McKinsey & Company New York NY Firstname_Lastname   
Mercer New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212-345-7000 
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Boston MA Lastname.Firstname  617-973-1200 
Gallup Consulting Washington DC Firstname_Lastname  202-715-3030 
Accenture New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212-956-2567 
IBM Armonk NY Firstname.Lastname  914-499-1900 
Deloitte Consulting New York NY FirstinitalLastName Sometimes, FirstTwoLettersofFirstnameLastname ie 212-489-1600 

Product Manufacturing

3M Minneapolis MN FirstinitalLastName Sometimes first and middle initials will be used, followed by last name 651-733-1110 
Alberto Culver Chicago IL FirstinitalLastName  708-450-3000 
Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. St. Louis MO Firstname.Lastname Owned by InBev; alternative domain is 314-577-2000 
Avery Dennison Company Los Angeles CA Firstname.Lastname  626-304-2000 
Avon Products New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212-282-5000 
BCBG Max Azria Vernon CA FirstnameLastinitial  323.589.2224 
Bird's Eye Foods Company Rochester NY FirstinitalLastName  585-383-1850 
Black & Decker Corporation Baltimore MD Firstname.Lastname  410-716-3900 
Brunswick Corporation Chicago IL Firstname.Lastname  847-735-4700 
Campbell Soup Company Camden NJ Firstname_Lastname  (856) 342-4800 
Chiquita Brands International Cincinnati OH FirstinitalLastName  513-784-8000 
Coca-Cola Company Atlanta GA FirstinitalLastName  404-676-2121 
Coca-Cola Enterprises Atlanta GA FirstinitalLastName  770-989-3000 
Colgate-Palmolive Company New York NY Firstname_Lastname  212-310-2000 
ConAgra Foods, Inc Omaha NE Firstname.Lastname  402-595-4000 
Crocs, Inc. Niwot CO FirstinitalLastName  303.468.4260 
Dean Foods Dallas TX Firstname_Lastname  214.303.3400 
Dean Foods Company Dallas TX Firstname_Lastname  214.303.3400 
Del Monte Foods San Francisco CA Firstname.Lastname  (415) 247-3000 
Dole Food Company Los Angeles CA Firstname_Lastname  818-879-6600 
Ford Motor Company Detroit MI FirstinitalLastName if common name, numbers are added 313.322.3000 
Fortune Brands, Inc. Chicago IL Firstname.Lastname  847.484.4400 
Gap Inc. San Francisco CA Firstname_Lastname  650-952-4400 
General Mills Minneapolis MN Firstname.Lastname  763-764-7600 
General Motors Corporation Detroit MI First.Middleinitial.Last  313.556.5000 
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. Waterbury VT Firstname.Lastname  802.244.5621 
Guess ? Inc. Los Angeles CA FirstinitalLastName  213.765.3100 
Hallmark Cards, Inc. Kansas City MO FirstinitalLastName  816.274.5111 
Harley-Davidson, Inc. Milwaukee WI Firstname.Lastname  414.342.4680 
Heinz Co Pittsburgh PA Firstname.Lastname  412-456-5700 
Hormel Foods Corporation Austin MN FirstinitialMiddleinitialLastname  507.437.5611 
iRobot Corporation Burlington MA FirstinitalLastName  781.345.0200 
Jockey International, Inc. Kenosha WI Firstname.Lastname  262.658.8111 
Jones Apparel Group, Inc. New York NY FirstinitalLastName  212.642.3860 
Jones Apparel Group Inc. New York NY FirstinitalLastName  212.642.3860 
Kenneth Cole Productions Inc. New York NY FirstinitalLastName  212.265.1500 
Kimberly-Clark Corporation Dallas TX Firstname.Lastname sometimes first.mi.last or firstinitialLast 972.281.1200 
Land O'Lakes, Inc. Minneapolis MN FirstinitialMiddleinitialLastname  651.481.2222 
Leggett & Platt, Incorporated St. Louis MO Firstname.Lastname  417.358.8131 
Liz Claiborne, Inc. New York NY Firstname_Lastname  212.354.4900 
L'Oreal USA New York NY FirstinitalLastName  212-818-1500 
Mattel, Inc. Los Angeles CA Firstname.Lastname  310.252.2000 
McCormick & Company Baltimore MD Firstname_Lastname  410-771-7301 
MillerCoors Chicago IL Firstname.Lastname  312-496-2700 
Nash-Finch Company Minneapolis MN Firstname.Lastname sometimes firstinitialLast 952.832.0534 
Nestle USA Los Angeles CA Firstname.Lastname  818-549-6000 
Newell Rubbermaid Inc. Atlanta GA Firstname.Lastname other domains used include:,,, 770.418.7000 
NIKE, Inc. Portland OR Firstname.Lastname  503.671.6453 
Pacific Natural Foods of Oregon, Inc. Tualatin OR FirstinitalLastName  503.692.9666 
Panasonic Corp. of North America Secaucus NJ LastnameFirstinitial  201.348.7000 
PepsiCo International Purchase NY Firstname.Lastname  914-253-2000 
Performance Food Group Company Richmond VA FirstinitalLastName  804.484.7700 
Pilgrim's Pride Corporation Pittsburgh PA FirstinitalLastName  903.434.1000 
Sara Lee Corporation Chicago IL Firstname.Lastname  630.598.6000 
Skechers USA Inc Los Angeles CA FirstnameLastinitial  310.318.3100 
Smithfield Foods Smithfield VA FirstnameLastname  757.365.3000 
Synder's of Hanover Harrisburg PA FirstinitalLastName  717-632-4477 
Taylor-Made Adidas Golf Carlsbad CA Firstname.Lastname  760.918.6000 
Tempur-Pedic International Inc. Lexington KY Firstname.Lastname  859.259.0754 
The Altria Group Richmond VA Firstname.Lastname  (804) 274-2200 
The Clorox Company San Francisco CA Firstname.Lastname  (510) 271-7000 
The Hain Celestial Group New York NY FirstinitalLastName  631-730-2200 
The Hershey Company Hershey PA FirstinitalLastName  717.534.4200 
The Kellogg Company Battle Creek MI Firstname.Lastname  (269) 961-2000 
The New England Confectionery Company (NECCO) Boston MA FirstinitalLastName  781-485-4500 
The Procter & Gamble Company Cincinnati OH Last.FirstinitialMiddleinitial  513.983.1100 
The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company Columbus OH Firstname.Lastname  937-644-0011 
The Timberland Co. Stratham NH FirstinitalLastName  603.772.9500 
Tupperware Brands Corp. Orlando FL FirstnameLastname  407.826.5050 
Under Armour Inc. Baltimore MD FirstinitalLastName  410.454.6428 
Unilever BestFoods North America Englewood Cliffs NJ Firstname.Lastname  201-894-4000 
Vans, Inc. Los Angeles CA FirstinitalLastName  562.565.8267 
Vera Bradley Ft. Wayne IN FirstinitalLastName  260.482.4673 
Whirlpool Corporation Benton Harbor MI First_Middleinitial_Last  269-923-5000 
Whitewave Corporation Broomfield CO Firstname.Lastname  303.635.4000 
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company Chicago IL Firstname.Lastname  312.644.2121 

Consumer Oriented

Clear Channel Communications San Antonio TX FirstnameLastname 210-822-2828 Seattle WA FirstinitalLastName 206-266-1000 
H&R Block, Inc. Kansas City MO FirstinitalLastName 816.753.6900 

Energy and Environment

AES Corporation Washington DC Firstname.Lastname  703-522-1315 
Allied Waste Industries Inc. Scottsdale AZ FirstinitalLastName  480-627-2700 
Ameren Corporation St. Louis MO FirstinitalLastName  314-621-3222 
American Electric Power Company, Inc. Columbus OH FirstInitialMiddleinitialLastname  609-452-8060 
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Houston TX Firstname_Lastname  832-636-1000 
Apache Corporation Houston TX Firstname.Lastname  (713) 296-6000 
Atmos Energy Corporation Dallas TX Firstname.Lastname  972-934-9227 
Baker Hughes Incorporated Houston TX Firstname.Lastname  713-439-8600 
Calpine, Inc. Houston TX FirstnameLastname  713-830-2000 
CenterPoint Energy Corporation Houston TX Firstname.Lastname  713-207-1111 
Chesapeake Energy Corporation Oklahoma City OK FirstinitalLastName  405-848-8000 
Chevron Corporation San Francisco CA Various,,  925-842-1000 
CMS Energy Corporation Jackson MI FirstInitialMiddleinitialLastname  517-788-0550 
Commercial Metals Company Dallas TX FirstinitalLastName  214.689.4300 
ConocoPhillips Houston TX Firstname.Middleinitial.Lastname  281-293-1000 
Consolidated Edison Inc New York NY LastnameFirstinitial  212-460-4600 
Constellation Energy Group, Inc. Baltimore MD Firstname.Lastname  713-369-3900 
Devon Energy Corporation Oklahoma City OK Firstname.Lastname  405.235.3611 
Dominion Resources, Inc. Richmond VA Firstname.Lastname Sometimes first.MI.Last 804.819.2000 
DTE Energy Company Detroit MI LastnameFirstinitial  313.235.4000 
Duke Energy Corporation Charlotte NC FirstInitialMiddleinitialLastname sometimes firstinitalLastname 704-594-6200 
Dynegy, Inc. Houston TX Firstname.Lastname  713.507.6400 
Edison International Los Angeles CA Firstname.Lastname Sometimes first.MI.last 626.302.2222 
El Paso Corporation Houston TX Firstname.Lastname  713.420.2131 
Emerson Electric Co. St. Louis MO Firstname.Lastname  314.553.2000 
Enbridge Energy Partners Houston TX Firstname.Lastname  713.821.2000 
Energy East Corporation Albany NY Firstname.Lastname Sometimes 207.688.6300 
Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. Dallas TX Firstname.Lastname  214.981.0700 
Entergy, Inc. New Orleans LA FirstinitalLastName  504.576.4000 
Enterprise Products Partners L.P. Houston TX FirstinitalLastName Sometimes firstinitialMiddleinitialLastname 713.381.6500 
Exelon Corporation Chicago IL Firstname.Lastname  312.394.4321 
ExxonMobil Corporation Dallas TX Firstname.Lastname  972-444-1570 
FirstEnergy Corp Akron OH LastnameFirstinitial sometimes firstinitialmiddleinitialLastname@ 330.384.5100 
Florida Power & Light (FPL) Palm Beach FL Firstname_Lastname sometimes 561.994.8227 
Frontier Oil, Inc. Houston TX FirstinitalLastName  713.688.9600 
Halliburton Company Houston TX Firstname.Lastname  713.759.2600 
Hess Corporation New York NY FirstinitalLastName  212.997.8500 
Kerr-McGee Corporation (sub of Anadarko) Oklahoma City OK FirstinitalLastName Sometimes or 405.270.1313 
KeySpan Corporation Brooklyn NY FirstinitalLastName Sometimes 718.403.1000 
Kinder Morgan, Inc. Houston TX Firstname_Lastname  713.369.9000 
Marathon Oil Corporation Houston TX FirstInitialMiddleinitialLastname  713.629.6600 
Mirant Corporation Atlanta GA Firstname.Lastname  678-579-5000 
Murphy Oil Corporation Little Rock AR Firstname_Lastname  870.862.6411 
National Oilwell Varco, Inc. Houston TX Firstname.Lastname Sometimes 713.346.7500 
Newmont Mining Corporation Denver CO Firstname.Lastname  303.863.7414 
NiSource Inc. Merrillville IN FirstinitalLastName sometimes FirstinitialMiddleinitialLastname 877.647.5990 
Northeast Utilities Berlin CT LastnameFirstinitialMiddleinitial Only first 5 letters of lastname are used 860.665.5000 
Nucor Corporation Charlotte NC FirstinitalLastName sometimes 704.366.7000 
Occidental Petroleum Corporation Los Angeles CA Firstname_Lastname sometimes 310.208.8800 
OGE Energy Corp. Oklahoma City OK FirstinitalLastName Only first 6 letters of last name are used. Sometimes lastnameFirstinitialMiddleinitial 405.553.3000 
ONEOK, Inc. Tulsa OK Firstname.Lastname  918.588.7000 
Peabody Energy Corporation St. Louis MO FirstinitalLastName  314.342.3400 
Pepco Holdings, Inc. Washington DC FirstinitalLastName Sometimes firstinitialMiddleinitialLastname 202.872.3526 
PG&E Corporation San Francisco CA Firstname.Lastname sometimes 415.267.7000 
Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. Houston TX FirstInitialMiddleinitialLastname  713.646.4100 
PPL Corporation Allentown PA FirstInitialMiddleinitialLastname  610.774.5151 
Progress Energy, Inc. Raleigh NC Firstname.Lastname  919.546.6111 
Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated Newark NJ Firstname.Lastname  973.430.7000 
Reliant Energy, Inc. Houston TX FirstinitalLastName  713.497.3000 
SCANA Corporation Columbia SC FirstinitalLastName  803.217.9000 
Sempra Energy San Diego CA FirstinitalLastName Sometimes FirstinitialMiddleinitialLastname 619.696.2034 
Southern Company Atlanta GA FirstInitialMiddleinitialLastname  404.506.5000 
Tesoro Corporation San Antonio TX FirstinitalLastName  210.828.8484 
TXU Corp. (aka Energy Future Holdings Co) Dallas TX Firstname.Lastname Sometimes 214.812.4600 
Valero Energy Corporation San Antonio TX Firstname.Lastname  210.345.2000 
World Fuel Services Corporation Miami FL FirstinitalLastName  305.428.8000 
Xcel Energy Inc. Minneapolis MN Firstname.Lastname sometimes 612.330.5500 

Financial Companies

Aetna Hartford CT LastnameFirstinitial  860-273-0123 
Aflac Columbus GA Firstname_Lastname  706-323-3431 
Allstate Insurance Corporation Chicago IL FirstinitalLastName  847-402-5000 
American Express Company New York NY First.Middleinitial.Last  212-640-2000 
American Family Insurance Group Madison WI FirstinitalLastName  513-579-2121 
American Financial Group, Inc Cincinnati OH FirstinitalLastName  513-579-2121 
American International Group (AIG) New York NY Firstname.Lastname   
AON Corporation Chicago IL Firstname_Lastname  312-381-1000 
Assurant Inc. New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212.859.7000 
Auto-Owners Insurance Group Lansing MI Lastname.Firstname  (517) 323-1200 
Bank of America Charlotte NC Firstname.Lastname  704-386-5681 
Bank of New York Mellon New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212-495-1784 
Barclays Capital Markets New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212 412 4000 
Barclays Global Investors San Francisco CA Firstname.Lastname  415-597-2000 
BB&T Corporation Winston-Salem NC Firstname.Lastname  336-733-2000 
BlackRock, Inc. New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212-810-5300 
Capital One Financial Corporation Washington DC Firstname.Lastname  703-720-1000 
Charles Schwab Corporation San Francisco CA Firstname.Lastname  415-636-7000 
Chubb Group of Insurance Companies New York NY FirstinitalLastName  908-903-2000 
CIT Group Inc. New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212-771-0505 
Citigroup Inc. New York NY First.Middleinitial.Last  212-559-1000 
Conseco, Inc. Indianapolis IN Firstname_Lastname  317-817-6100 
Countrywide Financial Corporation Los Angeles CA Firstname_Lastname  818.225.3000 
Erie Insurance Group Erie PA Firstname.Lastname  814.870.2000 
Fannie Mae Washington DC Firstname_Lastname  202-752-7000 
Fidelity National Financial, Inc. Jacksonville FL Firstname.Lastname sometimes 904.854.8100 
Fifth Third Bancorp Cincinnati OH Firstname.Lastname  513.579.5203 
Franklin Resources (Franklin Templeton Investments) San Francisco CA FirstinitalLastName  650.312.2000 
Freddie Mac Washington DC Firstname_Lastname  703-903-2000 
General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC Financial Services) Detroit MI Firstname.Lastname  (313) 556-5000 
Genworth Financial Inc. Richmond VA Firstname.Lastname  804.281.6000 
Golden West Financial Corporation Oakland CA FirstinitalLastName Lastname is typically followed by 3 numbers - unsure what they signify 510.446.3420 
Goldman Sachs New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212-902-1000 
Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. Hartford CT Firstname.Lastname  860.547.5000 
ING North America Insurance Corporation Atlanta GA Firstname.Lastname  (770) 980-5100 
JPMorgan Chase & Company New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212-483-2323 
KeyCorp Cleveland OH Firstname_Lastname Sometimes 216.689.6300 
LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc. Richmond VA FirstinitalLastName  804.267.8000 
Liberty Mutual Boston MA Firstname.Lastname  617-357-9500 
Lincoln Financial Group Philadelphia PA Firstname.Lastname sometimes 215.448.1400 
Marshall & Ilsley Corporation Milwaukee WI Firstname.Lastname  414.765.7801 
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company Boston MA FirstinitalLastName  413.788.8411 
MetLife Insurance New York NY FirstinitalLastName  (212) 578-2211 
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Inc. New York NY Firstname.Lastname In some instances, middle initial is used in there for common names 212-761-4000 
National City Corporation Cleveland OH Firstname.Lastname  216.222.2000 
Nationwide Financial Columbus OH LastnameFirstinitial  614-249-7111 
New York Life Insurance Company New York NY Firstname_Lastname sometimes first_MI_last 212.576.7000 
Pacific Mutual Holding Company Newport Beach CA Firstname.Lastname  949.219.3011 
Principal Financial Group Des Moines IA Lastname.Firstname  515-247-5111 
Prudential Financial, Inc. Newark NJ Firstname.Lastname  973.802.6000 
Raymond James St. Petersburg FL Firstname.Lastname  727-567-5575 
RBC Capital Markets Toronto Canada Firstname.Lastname  (416) 842-2000 
State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Company Chicago IL Firstname.Lastname  309-766-2311 
T. Rowe Price Baltimore MD Firstname_Lastname  410-345-2000 
Visa, Inc. San Francisco CA FirstinitalLastName  415-932-2100 
Wachovia Corporation Charlotte NC Firstname.Lastname  704-590-0000 
Washington Mutual, Inc. Seattle WA Firstname.Lastname  206-461-2000 
Wells Fargo San Francisco CA Firstname.Lastname  866-878-5865 

Healthcare Companies

Abbott Laboratories Chicago IL Firstname.Lastname  (847) 937-6100 
AmerisourceBergen Corporation Philadelphia PA FirstinitalLastName  610-727-7000 
Amgen Corporation Los Angeles CA FirstinitalLastName  805-447-1000 
Baxter International Chicago IL Firstname_Lastname  (847) 948-2000 
Becton, Dickinson and Company Franklin Lakes NJ Firstname_Lastname  201-847-6800 
Boston Scientific Corporation Boston MA LastnameFirstinitial  508-650-8000 
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212-546-4000 
Cardinal Health, Inc. Columbus OH Firstname.Lastname  614-757-5000 
Caremark Rx Inc Nashville TN Firstname.Lastname  401-765-1500 
CIGNA Corporation Philadelphia PA Firstname.Lastname  215-761-1000 
Coventry Health Care, Inc. Bethesda MD FirstinitalLastName  301.581.0600 
CVS Caremark Corporation Woonsocket RI Firstname.Lastname  401.765.1500 
Eli Lilly and Company Indianapolis IN LastnameFirstinitialMiddleinitial  317.276.2000 
Express Scripts, Inc. St. Louis MO FirstinitalLastName Sometimes firstinitialMiddleinitialLastname@ 314.996.0900 
Health Net Inc. Los Angeles CA Firstname.Middleinitial.Lastname  818.676.6000 
Henry Schein, Inc. Melville NY Firstname.Lastname  631.843.5500 
Humana, Inc. Louisville KY FirstinitalLastName  502.580.1000 
Johnson & Johnson New Brunswick NJ FirstinitalLastName Usually domain name is 732.524.0400 
Johnson & Johnson New York NY FirstinitalLastName If common name, last name is followed with a number 732-524-0400 
McKesson Corporation San Francisco CA Firstname.Lastname  415.983.8300 
Medco Health Solutions, Inc. Franklin Lakes NJ Firstname_Lastname  201.269.3400 
Medtronic, Inc. Minneapolis MN Firstname.Lastname Sometimes first.MI.Last 763.514.4000 
Merck & Co., Inc. Whitehouse Station NJ Firstname_Lastname  908.423.1000 
Owens & Minor, Inc. Richmond VA Firstname.Lastname  804.723.7000 

Hospitality Industries

Aramark Corporation Philadelphia PA Lastname-Firstname  215-238-3000 
Arby's Restaurants Atlanta GA FirstinitalLastName  678.514.4100 
Baja Fresh Los Angeles CA FirstinitalLastName  562-391-2400 
Best Western International Phoenix AZ Firstname.Lastname  602-957-4200 
Bob Evan's Farms Inc. Columbus OH Firstname_Lastname  614.491.2225 
Brinker International Dallas TX Firstname.Lastname  972-980-9917 
Burger King Inc. Miami FL FirstinitalLastName  305.378.3000 
California Pizza Kitchen, Inc. Los Angeles CA FirstinitalLastName  310.342.5000 
Carlson Hotels Worldwide Minneapolis MN FirstinitalLastName  763-212-5000 
Carlson Restaurants Worldwide (TGI Fridays) Minneapolis MN FirstinitalLastName  763.212.1000 
Carnival Cruise Lines Miami FL FirstinitalLastName  305-599-2600 
Catalina Restaurant Group Inc. (Carrows, Coco Bakery) Los Angeles CA FirstinitalLastName  (760) 804-5750 
Cendant Corporation New York NY Firstname.Lastname  516.222.4214 
Choice Hotels International Washington DC Firstname_Lastname  301-592-5000 
Compass Group North America Charlotte NC FirstnameLastname  (704) 329-4000 
Darden Restaurants Orlando FL FirstinitalLastName  407-245-4000 
Denny's Corporation Spartanburg SC FirstinitalLastName  864.597.8000 
Doctor's Associates Inc. (Owner of Subway Restaurants) Milford CT Lastname_Firstinitial  (203) 877-4281 
Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Tulsa OK Firstname.Lastname  (918)660-7700 
El Pollo Loco Los Angeles CA FirstinitalLastName  949.399.2000 
First Watch Restaurants, Inc. Bradenton FL FirstinitalLastName  941-907-9800 
Global Hyatt Corporation Chicago IL Firstname.Lastname  312-750-1234 
Harrah's Entertainment Las Vegas NV FirstinitalLastName  702.407.6000 
Hertz Corporation Basking Ridge NJ FirstinitalLastName  201-307-2000 
Hillstone Restaurant Group (Houston's) Los Angeles CA Firstname.Lastname  800-230-9787 
Hilton Worldwide Washington DC Firstname.Lastname   
IHOP Glendale CA Firstname.Lastname  818.240.6055 
In-N-Out Burgers, Inc Los Angeles CA FirstinitalLastName  949.509.6200 
Isle of Capri Casinos St. Louis MO Firstname_Lastname  314-813-9200 
Little Caesar's Enterprises Inc. Detroit MI Firstname.Lastname  313.983.6000 
Loews Corporation New York NY FirstinitalLastName  212.521.2000 
Marriott International Inc Washington DC Firstname.Lastname  (301) 380-7770 
Max & Erma's Columbus OH Firstname  614 431-5800 
Mexican Restaurants, Inc. (Casa Ole, Tortuga's) Houston TX FirstinitalLastName  713-943-7574 
MGM Mirage Casino Las Vegas NV FirstinitalLastName Sometimes email is LastnameFirstInitial@ 702-693-7120 
MGM MIRAGE (sub of Tracinda Corp) Las Vegas NV FirstinitalLastName  702.693.7120 
Papa John's International Inc Louisville KY Firstname_Lastname  502.261.7272 
Potbelly Sandwich Works Chicago IL Firstname.Lastname  312-951-0600 
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc. Denver CO FirstinitalLastName  303.846.6000 
Royal Carribbean Cruises Lines Miami FL FirstinitalLastName  305-539-6000 
Skyline Chili, Inc. Cincinnati OH FirstinitialMiddleinitialLastname  513.874.1188, 
Sodexho Worldwide Washington DC Firstname.Lastname  301.987.4000 
Sonic Industries Oklahoma City OK Firstname.Lastname  405.225.5000 
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. White Plains NY Firstname.Lastname  914.640.8100 
The Cheesecake Factory Inc. Los Angeles CA FirstinitalLastName  818.871.3000 
Wendy's International Dublin OH Firstname_Lastname  614.764.3100 
Wyndham Worldwide Corporation Dallas TX Firstname.Lastname  973-753-6000 
Yum Brands, Inc Louisville KY Firstname.Lastname  502-874-8300 
Zipcar, Inc. Boston MA FirstinitalLastName  617.995.4231 

Industrial and Manufacturing

AGCO Corporation Atlanta GA Firstname.Lastname  770.813.9200 
Agilent Technologies, Inc. San Francisco CA Firstname_Lastname  877-424-4536 
AK Steel Holding Corporation Cincinnati OH Firstname_Lastname  513-425-5000 
Alcoa, Inc. New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212-836-2600 
American Standard Companies, Inc. New York NY FirstinitalLastName  732-980-6000 
Applied Materials, Inc. San Jose CA Firstname_Lastname  408-727-5555 
Arrow Electronics, Inc. New York NY FirstinitalLastName  631-847-2000 
ArvinMeritor, Inc. Detroit MI Firstname.Lastname  248-435-1000 
Autoliv North America Detroit MI Firstname.Lastname  248-475-9000 
Avnet, Inc. Phoenix AZ Firstname.Lastname  480-643-2000 
Ball Corporation Denver CO FirstinitalLastName  303-469-3131 
BorgWarner Company Detroit MI FirstinitalLastName  248-754-9200 
Caterpillar, Inc. Chicago IL Lastname_Firstname  309-675-1000 
Crown Holdings, Inc. Philadelphia PA FirstinitalLastName  215.698.5100 
Cummins, Inc. Columbus IN First.Middleinitial.Last  812.377.5000 
Dana Corporation Toledo OH Firstname.Lastname  419.931.9086 
Danaher Corporation Washington DC Firstname.Lastname  202.828.0850 
Deere & Co. Moline IL LastnameFirstname sometimes lastnameFirstnameMiddleinitial 309.765.8000 
Delphi Corporation Troy MI First.Middleinitial.Last  248.813.2000 
Dover Corporation New York NY FirstinitialMiddleinitialLastinitial  212.922.1640 
Eastman Kodak Rochester NY Firstname.Lastname  585.724.4000 
Eaton Corporation Cleveland OH FirstnameLastname  216-523-5000 
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. New Orleans LA Firstname_Lastname  540.582.4000 
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. Austin TX Firstname.Lastname  512.895.2000 
General Electric, Inc. Fairfield CT Firstname.Lastname  203.373.2211 
Genuine Parts Company Atlanta GA Firstname_Lastname  770.953.1700 
Hughes Supply, Inc. Orlando FL Firstname.Lastname  407.841.4755 
IKON Office Solutions, Inc. Malvern PA FirstinitalLastName If common name, firstinitialMiddleinitialLastname 610.296.8000 
Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW) Glenview IL FirstinitalLastName  847.724.7500 
International Paper Company Stamford CT Firstname.Lastname  901.419.1745 
Jabil Circuit, Inc. St. Petersburg FL Firstname_Lastname  727.577.9749 
Lear Corporation Detroit MI FirstinitalLastName  248.447.1500 
Micron Technology, Inc. Boise ID FirstinitalLastName Sometimes 208.368.4000 
Mohawk Industries, Inc. Calhoun GA Firstname_Lastname  706.629.7721 
MWV Corporation (MeadWestVaco) Richmond VA Firstname.Lastname sometimes 804.327.5200 
Navistar International Corporation Chicago IL Firstname.Lastname  630.753.5000 
PACCAR Inc Seattle WA Firstname.Lastname  425.468.7400 
Parker Hannifin Corporation Cleveland OH FirstinitalLastName  216.896.3000 
Terex Corporation Westport CT Firstname.Lastname  203.222.7170 
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Boston MA Firstname.Lastname Sometimes 781.622.1000 
WESCO International, Inc. Pittsburgh PA FirstinitalLastName sometimes 412.454.2200 

Retail Companies Los Angeles CA FirstinitalLastName  (805) 465-7765? 
1-800 Contacts, Inc. Salt Lake City UT FirstinitalLastName  801.924.9800 Inc. Long Island NY FirstinitalLastName  516.237.6000 
7-Eleven Corporation Dallas TX Firstname.Lastname Other variations include FirstInitialLastname with only first 5 letters of last name, followed by 01 (ie 972-828-7011 
Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Columbus OH Firstname_Lastname  614.283.6500 
Academy Sports & Outdoors Houston TX Firstname.Lastname  281.646.5200 
Ace Hardware Chicago IL FirstinitalLastName  630.990.6600 
Advanced Auto Parts, Inc. Roanoke VA Firstname.Lastname  540-362-4911 
Aeropostale New York NY Firstname.Lastname  646.485.5410 
Albertson's, Inc. Boise ID Firstname_Lastname  208-395-6200 
American Eagle Outfitters, inc. Pittsburgh PA LastnameFirstinitial Sometimes only 412.432.3000 
American Greetings Corporation Cleveland OH Firstname.Lastname  216.252.7300 
Ann Taylor, Inc. New York NY Firstname_Lastname  212.541.3300 
Asbury Automotive Group, Inc. Atlanta GA FirstinitalLastName   770-418-8200 
AutoNation, Inc. Fort Lauderdale FL LastnameFirstinitial  954-769-6000 
AutoZone, Inc. Memphis TN Firstname.Lastname  901-495-6500 
Barnes & Noble, Inc. New York NY Firstname_Lastname  212-633-3300 
Barney's New York, Inc. New York NY FirstinitalLastName  212.339.7300 
Bass Pro Shops, Inc. Springfield MO FirstinitalLastName  417.873.5000 
Bath & Body Works, Inc. Columbus OH FirstinitalLastName  614.856.6000 
Beall's Inc. Bradenton FL FirstinitalLastName  941.747.2355 
Bebe Stores Inc. Brisbane CA FirstinitalLastName  415.715.3900 
Bed Bath & Beyond Union NJ Firstname.Lastname  908-688-0888 
Best Buy Inc. Minneapolis MN Firstname.Lastname  612-291-1000 
Big Lots, Inc Columbus OH FirstinitalLastName  614-278-6800 
BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc. Boston MA FirstinitalLastName  508-651-7400 
Blockbuster, Inc. Dallas TX Firstname.Lastname  214-854-3000 
Blue Nile, Inc. Seattle WA FirstinitalLastName Sometimes FirstnameLastinitial (JaneD@) 206.336.6700 
Books-A-Million Birmingham AL LastnameFirstinitial  205.942.3737 
Borders Group Ann Arbor MI FirstinitalLastName  734.477.1100 
Border's Group Inc. Ann Arbor MI FirstinitalLastName  734-477-1100 
Bose Corporation Boston MA Firstname_Lastname  508.879.7330 
Brooks Brothers New York NY FirstinitalLastName  212.682.8800 
Brookshire Grocery Company Tyler TX FirstinitalLastName  903.534.3000 
Brookstone Inc. Nashua NH FirstinitalLastName  603.880.9500 
Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. St. Louis MO FirstnameLastinitial  314.423.8000 
Burberry New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212.707.6500 
Burlington Coat Factory Philadelphia PA Firstname.Lastname  609-387-7800 
Cabela's Inc. Sidney NE Firstname.Lastname  308.254.7889 
CarMax Inc. Richmond VA Firstname_Lastname  804-747-0422 
Casual Male Retail Group, Inc. Boston MA FirstinitalLastName  781.828.9300 
Charlotte Russe Holding, Inc. San Diego CA FirstinitalLastName  858.587.1500 
Chico's FAS, Inc. Ft. Myers FL Firstname.Lastname  239.277.6200 
Christopher & Banks Corporation Plymouth MN FirstinitalLastName  763.551.5000 
Circuit City Stores, Inc. Richmond VA Firstname_Lastname  804-486-4000 
Claire's Stores Inc Pembroke Pines FL Firstname.Lastname  954.433.3900 
Coach, Inc. New York NY FirstinitalLastName  212.594.1850 
Coldwater Creek Inc. Sandpoint ID FirstinitalLastName Sometimes first.last@ 208.263.2266 
Costco Wholesale Corporation Seattle WA FirstinitalLastName  425.313.8100 
Crate & Barrel Chicago IL FirstinitalLastName  847.272.2888 
Crutchfield Corporation Charlottesville VA FirstinitalLastName  434.817.1000 
Curves International Inc. Waco TX FirstinitalLastName  254.399.9285 
CVS Corporation Woonsocket RI FirstinitialMiddleinitialLastname  401.765.1500 
David's Bridal (sub of Macy's) Philadelphia PA FirstinitalLastName  610-943-5000 
Dell, Inc. Austin TX Firstname_Lastname  512.338.4400 
Dial-A-Mattress Operating Corp Long Island NY FirstinitalLastName  718.472.1200 
Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh PA Firstname.Lastname  (724) 273-3400 
Dillard's Little Rock AR Firstname.Lastname  501.376.5200 
Dollar General Corporation Nashville TN FirstinitalLastName  615.855.4000, Inc. Seattle WA FirstinitalLastName Sometimes firstnameLastinitial 425.373.3200 
Eddie Bauer, LLC Chicago IL Firstname.Lastname  630.986.8800 
Express LLC Columbus OH FirstinitalLastName  614.415.4000 
Family Dollar Stores, Inc. Charlotte NC FirstinitalLastName  704.847.6961 
Foot Locker Inc. New York NY FirstinitalLastName  212.720.3700 
Forever 21 Los Angeles CA Firstname.Lastname  213.747.2121 
Fossil, Inc. Dallas TX FirstinitalLastName  972.234.2525 
Franklin Covey Co Salt Lake City UT Firstname.Lastname Sometimes firstinitialLastname 801.817.1776 
Frederick's of Hollywood, Inc. Los Angeles CA FirstinitalLastName  323.466.5151 
FreshDirect, Inc. Long Island City NY FirstinitalLastName  718.928.1000 
Fry's Electronics Inc. San Jose CA FirstinitialMiddleinitialLastinitial  408.487.4500 
FTD Group Inc. Chicago IL FirstinitalLastName  630.719.7800 
GameStop Corporation Dallas TX FirstnameLastname  817.424.2000 
Gap, Inc. San Francisco CA Firstname_Lastname  650.952.4400 
General Nutrition Companies, Inc (GNC) Pittsburgh PA First-Last  412.288.4600 
Giant Eagle Grocery Pittsburgh PA Firstname.Lastname  800-553-2324 
Golfsmith International Holdings, Inc. Austin TX Firstname.Lastname  512.837.4810 
Grocery Outlet San Francisco CA FirstinitalLastName  510-845-1999 
Group 1 Automotive, Inc. Houston TX FirstinitalLastName  713.647.5700 
Hancock Fabrics, Inc. Tupelo MS FirstinitalLastName  662.842.2834 
Hanover Direct, Inc. Edgewater NJ FirstinitalLastName  201.863.7300 
Harry and David Direct Marketing Medford OR FirstinitalLastName  541.864.2362 
H.E. Butt Grocery San Antonio TX Lastname.Firstname  210.938.8000 
Henry Modell & Company New York NY FirstinitalLastName  212.822.1000 
Home Depot, Inc Atlanta GA Firstname_Lastname  770-433-8211 
Home Shopping Network, Inc (HSN) St. Petersburg FL Firstname.Lastname  727.872.1000 
Indigo Books & Music Toronto Canada FirstinitalLastName  416.364.4499 
J. C. Penney Company, Inc. Dallas TX FirstinitalLastName only first 7 letters of last name are used; if common name, numbers are used 972.431.1000 
J. Crew Group Inc. New York NY FirstinitalLastName  212.209.2500 
JoS A. Bank Clothiers Baltimore MD FirstinitalLastName  410-239-2700 
J & R Electronics, Inc. New York NY FirstinitalLastName  212.238.9000 
Kohl's Corporation Menomonee Falls WI Firstname.Lastname sometimes first.mi.last 262.703.7000 
LEGO Brand Retail Enfield CT Firstname.Lastname  860.749.2291 
Levi Strauss, Inc. San Francisco CA FirstinitalLastName  415.501.6000 
Lillian Vernon Corp White Plains NY FirstinitalLastName  914.925.1200 
Limited Brands, Inc. Columbus OH FirstinitalLastName  614.415.7000 
L.L. Bean Inc. Freeport ME FirstinitalLastName  207.552.2000 
Longs Drug Stores Corporation (acquired by CVS) San Francisco CA FirstinitalLastName  925.937.1170 
Lowe's Cos. Inc Mooresville NC first.Middleinitial.Last  704.758.1000 
Macy's Stores, Inc. Cincinnati OH Firstname.Lastname  513.579.7000 
Mattress Giant Corporation Dallas TX FirstinitalLastName  972.392.2202 
McDonald's Corporation Chicago IL Firstname.Lastname  630.623.3000 
Meijer Inc. Grand Rapids MI Firstname.Lastname  877.363.4537 
Men's Warehouse Houston TX FirstinitalLastName  281.776.7200 
Mikasa Inc. (Arc International) Secaucus NJ Firstname_Lastname  201.867.9210 
Movado Group, Inc. Paramus NJ LastnameFirstinitial  201.267.8000 
Mrs. Fields Famous Brands LLC Salt Lake City UT FirstinitalLastName  801.736.5600 
Newegg, Inc. Los Angeles CA first.Middleinitial.Last  (909) 395-9046? 
Nordstrom, Inc. Seattle WA Firstname.Lastname  206.628.2111 
Nutrisystem Inc. Horsham PA FirstinitalLastName  215.706.5300 
Oakley Inc. Los Angeles CA FirstinitalLastName  949.951.0991 
Office Depot, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale FL Firstname.Lastname sometimes 561.438.4800 
OfficeMax Incorporated Chicago IL FirstnameLastname  630.438.7800 
Omaha Steaks Omaha NE FirstinitalLastName  402.597.3000 
Orchard Brands Corp Beverly MA FirstinitalLastName  978.922.2040 
Oriental Trading Co Inc Omaha NE FirstinitalLastName  402.331.5511 Salt Lake City UT FirstinitalLastName  801.947.3100 
Oxford Industries Inc. (Tommy Bahama brands) Atlanta GA FirstinitalLastName  404.659.2424 
Pacific Sunwear of California Inc. Los Angeles CA FirstinitalLastName  714.414.4000 
Pathmark Stores, Inc. Newark NJ FirstinitalLastName  732.499.3000 
Payless ShoeSource, Inc. Topeka KS Firstname_Lastname  785.233.5171 
Peet's Coffee & Tea San Francisco CA FirstinitalLastName  510.594.2100 
Petsmart, Inc. Phoenix AZ FirstinitalLastName  623-580-6100 
Publix Super Markets Tampa FL Firstname.Lastname  863-688-1188 
RadioShack, Inc. Ft. Worth TX Firstname.Lastname  817.415.3700 
Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) Seattle WA FirstinitalLastName  703-480-9100 
Rite Aid Corporation Harrisburg PA FirstinitalLastName  717.761.2633 
Ross Stores, Inc. San Francisco CA Firstname.Lastname  925.965.4400 
Safeway Inc. San Francisco CA Firstname.Lastname  925-467-3000 
Saks Inc. New York NY Firstname_Lastname  212.940.5305 
Sears Holdings, Inc. Chicago IL Firstname.Lastname  847-286-2500 
Sierra Trading Post Inc. Cheyenne WY FirstinitalLastName  307.775.8050 
Skymall Inc. Phoenix AZ FirstinitalLastName  602.254.9777 
Staples, Inc. Boston MA Firstname.Lastname  508-253-5000 
Starbucks Corporation Seattle WA FirstinitalLastName  206-447-1575 
Sunglass Hut International Cincinnati OH FirstinitalLastName  305.461.6100 
SUPERVALU, Inc. Minneapolis MN first.Middleinitial.Last  952.828.4000 
Target Corporation Minneapolis MN Firstname.Lastname  612-304-6073 
The Bon-Ton Stores Inc. York PA Firstname.Lastname  717.757.7660 
The Buckle Inc. Kearny NE Firstname.Lastname  308.236.8491 
The Children's Place Retail Stores Inc. Secaucus NJ FirstinitalLastName  201.558.2400 
The Container Store Inc. Dallas TX FirstinitalLastName  214.654.2000 
The Finish Line Inc. Indianapolis IN FirstinitalLastName  317.899.1022 
The Kroger Company Cincinnati OH Firstname.Lastname  513-762-4000 
The Orvis Co. Inc Manchester VT LastnameFirstinitial  802.362.1300 
The Sports Authority Englewood CO FirstinitalLastName  303.200.5050 
The Swiss Colony Inc. Monroe WI Lastname  608.328.8400 
The Talbots Inc. Boston MA Firstname.Lastname  781.749.7600 
The Wet Seal Inc. Los Angeles CA Firstname.Lastname  949.583.9029 
Things Remembered Company Highland Heights OH FirstinitalLastName  440.473.2000 
Tiffany & Co New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212.755.8000 
Toys "R" Us New York NY Firstname.Lastname  973-617-3500 
Tractor Supply, Inc. Nashville TN FirstinitalLastName  615-440-4000 
Trader Joe's Company Inc. Monrovia CA FirstinitalLastName  626.599.3700 
Tumi, Inc. South Plainfield NJ FirstinitalLastName  908.756.4400 
Tween Brands Inc. (Justice Stores) New Albany OH FirstinitalLastName  614.775.3500 
ULTA Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc. Bolingbrook IL FirstinitalLastName  630.410.4800 
Urban Outfitters Inc. Philadelphia PA FirstinitalLastName  215.454.5500 
VistaPrint North America Boston MA FirstinitalLastName  781-652-6300 
Vitamin Shoppe North Bergen NJ FirstinitalLastName  201.868.5959 
Walgreens Inc Chicago IL Firstname.Lastname  847-914-2500 
Wal-Mart Stores Bentonville AR FirstinitalLastName  479-273-4000 
Weight Watchers Inc Jericho NY Firstname.Lastname  516.390.1400 
West Marine Products Watsonville CA FirstnameLastinitial  831.728.2700 
Whole Foods, Inc. Austin TX Firstname.Lastname  512-477-4455 
Willams-Sonoma Inc. San Francisco CA FirstinitalLastName  415.421.7900 
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. Jacksonville FL FirstnameLastname  904.783.5000 
Yum Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell) Louisville KY Firstname.Lastname  502-874-8300 
Zale Corp Dallas TX FirstinitalLastName  972.580.4000 
Zappos, Inc. Las Vegas NV FirstinitalLastName  (702) 943-7777 

Telecommunications Companies

ALLTEL Corporation Little Rock AR FirstinitalLastName  501-905-8000 
AT&T Inc. Dallas TX FirstinitalLastName  210-821-4105 
Avaya New York NY FirstinitalLastName  908-953-6000 
BellSouth Corporation San Antonio TX Firstname.Lastname  210-821-4105 
Cablevision Company New York NY FirstinitalLastName  516-803-2300 
Charter Communications St. Louis MO Firstname.Lastname  314-965-0555 
Comcast Corporation Philadelphia PA Firstname_Lastname  215-286-1100 
Corning Incorporated Corning NY LastnameFirstinitial sometimes LastnameFirstInitialMiddleInitial 607.974.9000 
Cox Communications, Inc. Atlanta GA Firstname.Lastname  404.843.5000 
EchoStar Communications Corporation Denver CO Firstname.Lastname  303.723.1000 
First Data Corporation Denver CO Firstname.Lastname  303.967.8000 
Graybar Electric Company, Inc. St. Louis MO Firstname.Lastname  314.573.9200 
JDSU Uniphase Corp San Jose CA Firstname.Lastname  408.546.5000 
Liberty Global, Inc. Englewood CO FirstinitalLastName  303.220.6600 
Motorola, Inc. Chicago IL Firstname.Lastname  847.576.5000 
QUALCOMM Incorporated San Diego CA FirstinitalLastName sometimes firstinitialMiddleinitialLastname 858.587.1121 
Sprint Nextel Corporation Reston VA Firstname.Middleinitial.Lastname  800.829.0965 
T-Mobile, Inc. Seattle WA Firstname.Lastname  425-378-4000 
Verizon New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212-395-1000 
Verizon Wireless New York NY Firstname.Lastname  212-395-1000 

Transportation Companies

AMR Corporation (American Airlines) Dallas - Ft. Worth TX Firstname.Lastname  (817) 967-1804 
Amtrak Washington DC LastnameFirstinitial Only first 6 letters of last name are used 202-906-3000 
Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Ft. Worth TX Firstname.Lastname  817-352-1000 
C.H. Robinson Worldwide Minneapolis MN Firstname.Lastname  952-937-8500 
Continental Airlines Houston TX FirstinitalLastName  713-324-2950 
Con-way Inc. San Mateo CA Lastname.Firstname Also could be 650.378.5200 
CSX Transportation Jacksonville FL Firstname_Lastname  904-359-3200 
Delta Airlines Atlanta GA First.MiddleInitial.Last  404-715-2600 
FedEx Corporation Memphis TN FirstinitalLastName sometimes 901.818.7500 
JetBlue Airways New York NY Firstname.Lastname   
Johnson Controls, Inc. Milwaukee WI Firstname.Lastname Sometimes 414.524.1200 
Norfolk Southern Corporation Norfolk VA Firstname.Lastname  757.629.2680 
Northwestern Airlines (NWA) Minneapolis MN Firstname.Lastname  612-726-2111 
Southwest Airlines Dallas TX Firstname.Lastname  214.792.4000 
United Airlines Chicago IL Firstname.Lastname  312-997-8000 
US Airways Phoenix AZ Firstname.Lastname  480-693-0800 
Virgin America San Francisco CA Firstname.Lastname  650-762-7187 

Email Country Codes

The following list will help you determine the country of origin of an email.

Code Country
AD Andorra
AE United Arab Emirates
AF Afghanistan
AG Antigua & Barbuda
AI Anguilla
AL Albania
AM Armenia
AN Netherlands Antilles
AO Angola
AR Argentina
AS Samoa, East
AT Austria
AU Australia
AW Aruba
AX Aland Is
AZ Azerbaijan
BA Bosnia & Herzegovina
BB Barbados
BD Bangladesh
BE Belgium
BF Burkina Faso
BG Bulgaria
BH Bahrain
BI Burundi
BJ Benin
BM Bermuda
BN Brunei
BO Bolivia
BR Brazil
BS Bahamas
BT Bhutan
BV Bouvet Is
BW Botswana
BY Belarus
BZ Belize
CA Canada
CC Cocos Is
CD Congo, East
CF Central African Rep
CG Congo, West
CH Switzerland
CI Cote d Ivoire
CK Cook Is
CL Chile
CM Cameroon
CN China
CO Colombia
CR Costa Rica
CV Cape Verde
CX Christmas Is
CY Cyprus
CZ Czech Republic
DE Germany
DJ Djibouti
DK Denmark
DM Dominica
DO Dominican Republic
DZ Algeria
EC Ecuador
EE Estonia
EG Egypt
EH Western Sahara
ER Eritrea
ES Spain
ET Ethiopia
FI Finland
FJ Fiji
FK Falkland Is
FM Micronesia
FO Faroe Is
FR France
GA Gabon
GB United Kingdom
GD Grenada
GE Georgian Republic
GF French Guiana
GG Guernsey Is
GH Ghana
GI Gibraltar
GL Greenland
GM Gambia
GN Guinea
GP Guadeloupe
GQ Equatorial Guinea
GR Greece
GS Sandwich Is
GT Guatemala
GU Guam
GW Guinea Bissau
GY Guyana
HK Hong Kong
HM Heard & McDonald Is
HN Honduras
HR Croatia
HT Haiti
HU Hungary
ID Indonesia
IE Ireland
IL Israel
IM Isle Of Man
IN India
IO Diego Garcia
IS Iceland
IT Italy
JE Jersey Is
JM Jamaica
JO Jordan
JP Japan
KE Kenya
KG Kyrgyzstan
KH Cambodia
KI Kiribati
KM Comoros
KN St Kitts & Nevis
KR Korea, South
KW Kuwait
KY Cayman Is
LB Lebanon
LC St Lucia
LI Liechtenstein
LK Sri Lanka
LR Liberia
LS Lesotho
LT Lithuania
LU Luxembourg
LV Latvia
MA Morocco
MC Monaco
MD Moldova
ME Montenegro
MG Madagascar
MH Marshall Is
MK Macedonia
ML Mali
MM Myanmar
MN Mongolia
MO Macao
MP Northern Mariana Is
MQ Martinique
MR Mauritania
MS Montserrat
MT Malta
MU Mauritius
MV Maldives
MW Malawi
MX Mexico
MY Malaysia
MZ Mozambique
NA Namibia
NC New Caledonia
NE Niger
NF Norfolk Is
NG Nigeria
NI Nicaragua
NL Netherlands
NO Norway
NP Nepal
NR Nauru
NU Niue
NZ New Zealand
OM Oman
PA Panama
PE Peru
PF French Polynesia
PG Papua New Guinea
PH Philippines
PK Pakistan
PL Poland
PM St Pierre & Miquelon
PN Pitcairn Is
PR Puerto Rico
PS Palestinian Territory
PT Portugal
PW Palau
PY Paraguay
QA Qatar
RE Reunion Is
RO Romania
RS Serbia
RU Russian Federation
RW Rwanda
SA Saudi Arabia
SB Solomon Is
SC Seychelles
SD Sudan
SE Sweden
SG Singapore
SH St Helena
SI Slovenia
SJ Svalbard & Jan Mayen Is
SK Slovak Republic
SL Sierra Leone
SM San Marino
SN Senegal
SO Somalia
SR Suriname
ST Sao Tome & Principe
SV El Salvador
SZ Swaziland
TC Turks & Caicos Is
TD Chad
TF French Southern Terr
TG Togo
TH Thailand
TJ Tajikistan
TK Tokelau
TL Timor, East
TM Turkmenistan
TN Tunisia
TO Tonga
TR Turkey
TT Trinidad & Tobago
TV Tuvalu
TW Taiwan
TZ Tanzania
UA Ukraine
UG Uganda
UM USA Minor Outlying IS
US United States
UY Uruguay
UZ Uzbekistan
VA Vatican
VC St Vincent & Grenadines
VE Venezuela
VG Virgin Is, UK
VI Virgin Is, US
VN Vietnam
VU Vanuatu
WF Wallis & Futuna Is
WS Samoa, West
YE Yemen
YT Mayotte
ZA South Africa
ZM Zambia
ZW Zimbabwe

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